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The beverage that gives pleasure. The art of the winemaking and cognac-making in particular, perhaps more any other art, takes its vital force from traditions. For many long years, sometimes starting from a scratch, Tiraspol winemakers accumulated secrets of magic, improving the skills of creating the products that gained the world fame and recognition. Uneasy years, filled by bitterness of losses and happiness of victories have allowed KVINT to create a divine beverage, which Frenchmen call "cognac".


A cognac is a strong alcoholic beverage, having golden-amber color, which is made from wine-distilled spirits, seasoned in oak barrels at least 3-5 years. Preparation of cognac is a long process, taking many years. The time is counted starting from the moment when wine-distilled spirit is filled into oak barrels for subsequent long-term seasoning, which gives to the spirits characteristic golden-amber coloring, harmonious taste and pleasant mellow aroma. The longer the seasoning lasts, the more “noble” becomes the spirit, acquiring its best qualities. When the seasoning is over, the finest and creative work of the Master of the Cellar begins. He has to meticulously select and expertly blend the spirits from different batches, then to subject the ready blend to appropriate treatment and in the long run – to create an inimitable harmony of taste and aroma. Cognac is not just making you high. Apart from that it has curative features. It speeds up one’s blood circulation, that’s why consumed in moderate doses, it has health-giving effect for human body.


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