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Welcome at exclusivebottle.com - Liqour Online Shop, for all those who love traditional drop that want to share good taste with other people. You will find in our shop selected spirits from all the world like premium vodka from Russia, Sweden, Canada, and various exclusive liqueurs from USA, France and gin quality varieties from England, Spain, Germany. Rum, whiskey, wines and beers complete our range. We are constantly striving to expand our product range to offer our customers absolute Sptzenerzeugnisse for Connainsseuren and connoisseurs.

We have the selection that could be in every bar, if the bar around the corner or your home bar. Even if you are looking for exclusive and extraordinary gifts, then you are right with us. The following benefits do you expect in our shop :

- We offer fair price-performance ratio
- In our online shop you can shop safely
- We use secure packaging to ship the bottles
- A choice of secure payment options
- When shopping from 300 CHF you get the goods free house

For all questions, suggestions or requests, please contact us via the contact form or by mail. We would be happy if we can win you as a customer.


We are happy to take requests from clubs / bars / restaurants and Resellers by phone or by mail . Your team - exclusivebottle.com

Vodka and Gin buy online

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