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«Rodionov & Sons»


Our mission

The mission of the company »Rodionov & Sons» is a revival of centuries-old traditions of Russian grain production and distilling spirits in copper pot stills,using only natural ingredients, traditional techniques and recipes.



«Rodionov & Sons»  made the comeback of Russain grain distillates in 2010, using old recipes and techniques found in historical records and ancient books .

Original Russian grain distillates are significant foundation part of the entire historical world of Russian cuisine and gastronomic culture, but to date they have been undeservedly forgotten and not available to experts and consumers.

Long and laborious investigations of Boris Rodionov, his deep theoretical knowledge and unique practical experience give today the opportunity to produce the limited series of delicious distillate on a rye base, forming totally new category of alcoholic beverages, which is completely absent in the Russian market.

«Rodionov & Sons» continues working on the revival of the Russian distilling and re-creating the legendary Russian breadwine Polugar and other traditional distillates, the production of which was discontinued in the Russian Empire after the introduction of the monopoly in 1895.

«Rodionov & Sons» reconstructs former glory of Russian alcohol that has no analogues in the world of exquisite and sophisticated alcoholic drinks of rye and rye malt, with a unique flavor, taste and aroma, with a unique traditional Russian system of clearing by natural coagulants.

«Rodionov & Sons» made it possible for the first time in the last 115 years, for thousands of Russian fans of strong liquor to get the opportunity to taste the forgotten, but existed in the XVI century and until 1895 the noble Russian grain spirits.


Polugar is the true legendary Russian bread wine brought back to life using the traditional technologies and recipes from the 18th and 19th centuries. It hasn’t been produced for the last 120 years, is 38.5% alcohol strength, smells of rye bread and has a soft pleasant taste.

The lost symbol of the Russian wining and dining traditions is brought back thanks to the effort of dozens of people who are keen on the idea of restoring the historic justice and bringing back the former popularity of the Russian distillates to the level they were at their heyday during the era of distillation at manors of noblemen.

The taste of Polugar is unlike any alcoholic beverage currently produced. Everyone who tried it is fond of its natural bready taste and aroma, and cannot find a single known alcoholic beverage it can be compared to.

Polugar is neither vodka nor liquor, it’s a different category of distillates in the Russian and international market – rye distillate.

Polugar is the new symbol of national pride and restoration of Russian cuisine traditions – top class bread wine

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